Winner: Best Spot for Mother's Day Brunch

Highland Kitchen wins again.

When it comes to taking Mom out for brunch on Mother's Day, most Somerville Patch readers would take her to .

In doing so, they're taking advantage of two things: Mother's Day is on a Sunday, and Highland Kitchen, which usually opens at 5 p.m., is open for brunch on Sundays.

This is Highland Kitchen's second win. Previously, Patch readers said it was the .

J.J., a reviewer on Somerville Patch, had this to say about Highland Kitchen: "Best burger in Somerville—if not Boston. And the mark and stormy is good (and strong) enough to make you forget that you've been waiting 40 minutes for a seat. Worth the wait and the hype." Perhaps that's not about brunch, but you get the point.

Some runners up for Mother's Day brunch in Somerville include , , and .

Next week we ask a different sort of question: Where's the best place in Somerville to take a "staycation"?

Remember to vote, leave comments and write reviews, as all of those things are taken into consideration when determining results. 


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