Winner: Best Place For a Staycation in Somerville

Flatbread Company at Sacco's Bowl Haven.

is the best place in Somerville for a staycation, according to Somerville Patch readers.

We took into consideration votes, comments and reviews to determine the winner.

Flatbread Company at Sacco's Bowl Haven, for those who haven't been, has a little of everything for people of all ages. Vintage candlepin bowling alleys attract families with kids, college students, young professionals and middle-aged people looking for a little fun. 

The dining area includes a giant open-fire pizza oven, and the menu features organic and naturally grown ingredients. On any given visit you're likely to see tables occupied by 20-something couples on casual dates, groups of young kids attending birthday parties and long-time Somervillians getting together for informal reunions. There's also a long bar that serves cocktails in pint glasses.

As one reviewer wrote on Yelp, "Added to the fact that bowling was a lot of fun is that the beer selection of local Massachusetts beers is one of the best craft beer lists I've seen in the Boston area."

Mike Brooks, assistant manager at the restaurant and bowling alley, was happy to win. "[It's] great to hear how Somerville has taken us in," he said, noting the Flatbread Company has only been operating the bowling alley for two years. He said it was important that the company "kept it local [and] kept the original look."

There were a handful of runners up this week, including and the .

Next week we look for the best grocery or convenience store in Somerville. If you've got a nomination, send it to chris.orchard@patch.com. Don't forget to vote in our poll, write reviews and leave comments. We take all of those things into consideration when determining the winner.


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