The Readers Choice Somerville Valentine's Day

One way to celebrate Valentine's Day in Somerville, courtesy of Somerville Patch readers who voted in our Patch Readers Choice competition.

Happy Valentine's Day.

To celebrate the occasion, we've brought over a bottle of Andre Champagne Pink, a pair of silk boxers and a cassette tape of Kenny G's greatest hits. You're welcome.

What, you don't have a cassette player? Don't you like music? That's okay, we can make our own music.

Where are you going?

Anyway, we also thought we'd present one way to celebrate Valentine's Day in Somerville, courtesy of all the Somerville Patch readers who voted in our recent Patch Readers' Choice competition.  

  • Flowers—Best Florist in Somerville: Nellie's Wildflowers
  • Dinner—Best Place for a First Date: Winner: Casa B, 2nd Place: Journeyman
  • Dancing—Best Place to Go Dancing: Winner: Dance Union/Tango Society of Boston, 2nd Place: The Center for Arts at the Armory

Of course, not all of us like flowers, dinner and dancing. If you've got other aspirations for Valentine's Day, check out our event and business listings.

Valentine's Day at the MFA

If you're looking for something else to do and feel like heading into Boston, here's another idea you might be able to pull off at the last minute:

The Museum of Fine Arts is inviting people to view works in its collection that have romantic themes. Among other things, the museum will unveil a new addition to the collection, Triumph of the Winter Queen by Gerrit van Honthorst. It's also hosting a romantic dinner, with champagne, at its restaurant, Bravo. Call (617) 369-3474 or visit OpenTable for reservations.


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