Somerville Digital Music Company Scores Beaucoup Venture Capital

Echo Nest, with offices in Davis Square, is a pioneer in the online music streaming business, says the Boston Globe.

If you've walked eastward on the starting at the Davis Square MBTA stop (i.e. into Somerville and not toward Mass Ave. in Cambridge), you've walked by a brick mill-style building, now converted to office space, that has large windows overlooking the path.

is one of the businesses in that building, and according to the Boston Globe, it was scheduled to close a $17.3 million round of venture capital funding today.

The Globe says the company could be one of the next big things in the digital music business.

Among other things, the company develops a Musical Brain that helps music streaming services, such as Spotify, predict what songs individual listeners want to hear.

As more and more people get their music online, it could be Echo Nest that helps drive what people listen to.

The article is worth a read, and here it is.

(Note, in the directory link above we have an old address for Echo Nest. We'll update it.)


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