Readers Like Whole Foods, Don't Want it to Replace Johnnie's Foodmaster

A look at how some people have responded to the possibility of Whole Foods coming to Beacon Street.

When it comes to supermarkets, Somerville Patch readers like .

In response to news that , near Inman Square, some readers thought Whole Foods should look for another location.

"I love Foodmaster, and I also shop regularly at Whole Foods just a few blocks away on Prospect Street in Cambridge. People in my neighborhood need to be able to walk to a store with good prices, and Whole Foods will never be that store," commented Daniel Gewerrtz.

"Why don't they just take over the old Star Market on Broadway? It's empty and has a big parking lot," wrote Alicia Byrd.

Virginia commented, "It would be far better for that sleepy Star on Beacon to be a Whole Foods."


On Facebook, commenters seemed stronger in their opinions against Whole Foods moving in.

"NO! I love Johnnie's. (now, if it were to become a Trader Joe's ... well that may change things)," wrote Allison Jones.

Gay H. Sheldon wrote, "This is not what Somerville needs. People shop the Foodmaster for low prices. Perhaps Whole Foods should partner with local stores to fill the needs of the consumer."

If you want to weigh in, feel free to leave a comment.

earl ferguson November 01, 2012 at 02:34 AM
shoppers will boycott the whole foods stores everywhere
Zach November 02, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Who wrote this article? Why is everyone so down on Whole foods? I would go to Foodmaster vs Whole Foods during high traffic times and would spend more for crap food than I would at Whole Foods for good food. This whole idea that Whole Foods is outrageously expensive is a fallacy. Some foods are expensive, yes. But the majority of their food is not. In fact, their 365 brand of foods is often less expensive than other generic brands, tastes better (taste test proven) than popular brands, and is all natural. Why "boycott" whole foods? You're only hurting yourself, physically and financially. Such a silly argument.
Delta Pearl November 19, 2012 at 01:37 PM
I have shopped for groceries in major cities in several different countries and I thought Johhny Foodmaster was really awful. It seems very sad to me that people would defend a low achieving mediocrity like Johnny's over a really top notch high quality alternative like Whole Foods. Sad and puzzling. Oh, well. I guarantee you after six months you'll wonder how you ever survived without a Whole Foods Market in your neighborhood. Just you wait and see.
Delta Pearl November 19, 2012 at 01:42 PM
You do realize that this isn't a real news outlet and that journalistic standards do not apply here. I'll admit that there is a entertaining and lively exchange of ideas here---that's a good thing, but don't hold them to a high standard.
AHM November 19, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Johnnies Foodmaster was a great store many years ago. I don't know why the last few years it has gone down, maybe they don't have anyone to take it over either in the family or to sell. We don't have answers to that yet. But 50 years ago it was the best around. There is a need for Whole Foods for those who wish to shop there the same as Market Basket. The bad part is that the old Star and maybe the Alwife Johnnies does not have enough space for any supermarkets to have an interest in them. The only store I can see is the Walmart Neigborhood Market(sorry Walmart haters) only because of it's size. If there is another store I don't know of it that will fit except for maybe Roche Bros although sort of high price would be nice just to have another choice. It's brutal on WInter Hill because of the senior population here. They put up with the high proces of Star because they could get to it. They are still waiting for a store there. Many stop by my house to rest out front on the way and gab with my parents are afraid of crossing McGrath. Myself I don't care for Whole Foods and just recently they have articles about there being no benefit to buying the high price organic stuff. Don't know if it's true, don't care. Can barely afford the cheap stuff as it is.


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