Painted Burro to Celebrate 'Last Day on Earth' on Dec. 21

To celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar, the Davis Square Mexican restaurant will throw an "end of times" party.

If the world makes it to Dec. 22, partygoers at The Painted Burro will celebrate with a toast.

If the world ends on Dec. 21, as some think it will because it represents the end of the current Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new one, at least they will have spent their last moments on earth with a cocktail, some good food and a round of Mexican bingo.

There will also be what is, perhaps, a good test for true believers: a confession box where guests can write their sins on a piece of paper in order to seek exoneration before the world ends.

Those who really think the end of the world is nigh might confess, "For the last year and a half I've been sleeping with my husband's brother. Also, I tortured the neighbor's cat one Tuesday night because there was nothing good to watch on HGTV."

Those who suspect the sun might rise on Dec. 22 with nothing more than a little volatility in the stock market might write, "I suppose my greatest sin is I'm too dedicated to my job and I should really start flossing my teeth on a more regular basis."

In any case, the party starts at 5 p.m. and goes, Mayan calendar willing, until 1 a.m. Also, there's no cover charge, though you may want to make reservations.

Here's the official announcemnt from The Painted Burro:

What if the Mayans were right?  What if the world really does end on Dec. 21st?  The Painted Burro is throwing an “End of Times” party on December 21st where guests can enjoy the last luxuries on the Earth’s final day with Chef/Owner Joe Cassinelli and Executive Chef Danny Bua, Jr.’s Latin flavor menu and cocktails. The menu will be jam packed with the Painted Burro’s playful twists on classic dishes where local and seasonal ingredients take center stage as well as some traditional Mayan dishes and Mayan drinks. Mayans are known as the first people to eat chocolate and they also incorporated it into traditional drinks so it will play prominently on the menu.

There will also be games like Mexican Bingo as well as a “confession” box where guests can write their last sins on paper and place them into a box that will exonerate them before the end of the world.  There will be a communal countdown to midnight with the entire restaurant and a toast if we make it to December 22nd

In addition to their Mayan food and cocktails, the Painted Burro will also have their delicious handcrafted margaritas (100% agave tequila, combier & lime to showcase the pure flavors of tequila), wide variety of Mexican beers, and other themed cocktails.  Some Latin favorites such as tacos, chignon cucumbers, ancho and citrus chicken wings and flautas will be on the menu. 



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