Kick Back and Luxuriate in Spa Heaven

We've got some picks to pamper yourself with this week...

Facials, massages, nails, waxing... the word 'Spa' has come to mean so many different things to us over the last twenty years. For this week's Patch Picks we asked for unusual (or unusually good) local spa options.

Somerville's is designed especially for mothers with young children and expectant mothers-to-be. With ten years of thriving business in Davis Square, the spa has earned a solid reputation. Chose from four 55-minute facials (basic, purifying, hydrating or vitamin C-infused) and leave your cares at the door... or, if your 'cares' are in a stroller, there's plenty of room to park them. For toddlers, there's comfortable seating and things to read. And expecting moms can enjoy a comfy treatment on their side with added pillows for cushioning.

Dressed as James Brown, Eddie Murphy used to ask, "Is it gon'be hot? Is it gon'be wet?" during his memorable "Celebrity Hot Tub" skit for SNL. Well, it's definitely both hot and wet at Inman Oasis where massage therapy and hot-soaking are combined, complete with towels, robes, shower products and some hydrating H2O. Check out the "15 Squared" special: for $30 you'll get a 15-minute massage from a certified therapist and then a half-hour soak in one of the communal tubs (which hold up to 8 people).

In close by Porter Square, the simply-titled Beauty Spa Cambridge gets high marks from the folks on yelp! -- and that really counts for something when there's pretty much a business calling itself a spa of some kind on every corner. BSC offers a full-range of facial services, aromatherapy massages, waxing, lash-work and the old spa-standby, nails.

How about some pampering for the pooch? Pet Spa, located right at 669 Somerville Avenue and operated by animal lover Theresa Sammon, is a great local choice for giving your furry friend a little extra lovin'. Plus, there's an entertainment factor that might give your day an amusing perk: the way the spa is designed allows you to watch as your companion gets washed, styled and groomed. Sammon stocks some cool clothes, leashes and styling products to take home as well.

Of course, if you're really just hungry you could always try here or Montrose Spa over the border in Cambridge.


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