Goodwill Thanks Somerville and Calls for Clothing Donations

An open letter of thanks from Goodwill Industries and a request for needed clothing donations.

To the Editor:

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries thanks the residents of Somerville for their longstanding support through the donation of clothing and household goods.

Last year, Goodwills across the country launched the Donate Movement, a public awareness campaign to emphasize the positive impact that donating clothing and other household goods can have on communities and the planet.

How do your donations make a difference? First, they help families who turn to The Goodwill Stores to get the items they need at low-cost prices. Second, the donations are important to Goodwill’s job training programs. Individuals with disabilities and other challenges get on-the-job training and paid work experience in the handling, sorting, shipping and selling of donated merchandise. And third, Goodwill supplies the clothing for the guests of the Pine Street Inn and many other community-based organizations.

We encourage Somerville residents to join the Donate Movement and clean their closets and drawers, and donate gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill at the store at 230 Elm Street.  

Every donation supports Goodwill’s mission to provide independence and dignity thought work to people in our community. Help make a difference!

Joanne K. Hilferty

President and CEO

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries


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