Four One-Person Condos Around Davis Square

Over 30 percent of Somerville's homes are one-person households. We checked the listings and found four places for single-living folks in and around Davis Square.

The Greater Boston region is filled with communities where people live alone.

Boston.com, in March, looked at one-person households in Massachusetts and posted a map of the state showing where such households are prevalent.

By state standards, Somerville is a community with a high number of one-person households. According to Boston.com, 32 percent of households in Somerville fit into that category.

Check out the article here.

By regional standards, however, that number isn't high. In Cambridge, 40.7 percent of households are single-person homes. In Brookline the number is 33.4 percent, in Boston it's 37.1 percent, and in Arlington it's 34.1 percent.

With the number of people in Somerville who live alone, we looked for single-person condos in and around Davis Square.

Using NewEnglandMoves.com as our guide, we found four to highlight:

261 Highland Ave., unit 1
Price: $199,900
A studio apartment with 440 square feet, it's not too far from Davis Square, and it has a private patio and a custom built murphy bed.

30 Chester St., unit 13
Price: $309,000
If you got any closer to Davis Square you'd be living in . This top-floor condo has a skylight and 690 square feet. It's in a professionally managed building.

124 Josephine Ave., unit 2
Price: $325,000
This one-bedroom condo is within walking distance of Davis Square and right next to Ball Square. It's 680 square feet, and it has exclusive use of the second-floor front porch and a new eat-in kitchen.

4 Tannery Brook Row, unit 12
Price: $549,000
For those with a higher budget, over half a million dollars gets you 1175 square feet in an open-concept condo with an industrial-inspired kitchen, plus private outdoor space, parking and more.


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