Does Shaw's Deal Foretell More Changes to Somerville Supermarket Landscape?

The owner of Shaw's and Star Market is selling stores to Cerberus Capital Management for $3.3 billion. What does that mean to Somerville?

Shaw's and Star Market agreed to sell several stores to Cerberus Capital Management as part of $3.3 billion deal, according to a report in the Boston Globe Thursday.

Somerville is home to both a Shaw's Supermarket and Star Market.

The recent deal led to some speculation about what would happen to Shaw's and Star Market locations in the Northeast. The Boston Herald reported the supermarkets' new owners may be interested in leasing their newly acquired real estate to other supermarket brands.

"Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Market Basket and Whole Foods would be likely buyers for any real estate or leases," the Herald said, quoting Mike Berger, senior editor of Duxbury’s Griffin Report of Food Marketing.

Somerville has already seen some turnover in its supermarkets when Johnnie's Foodmaster closed down its two stores in the city. The one on Beacon Street is expected to become a Whole Foods, and the one in West Somerville is vacant.

Meanwhile, Winter Hill is home to a long-vacant storefront that used to be a Star Market.

The Herald reported that "no immediate changes are planned for the West Bridgewater-based Shaw’s and Star Market grocery chains," but over time what do you think the deal would mean to Somerville?

Do you want Shaw's and Star Market to stay where they are, or do you want other supermarkets to move in?

AHM January 14, 2013 at 09:11 PM
I would expect if it is not profitable they will want to get rid of it. Don't see Market Basket jumping at anything unless it is big enough. Hannafords stores are good size. I would guess that what they sell might become something else due to their small size. Onlyone interested in small stores that I know if is Walmart with their new neighborhood markets. Whole foods can only have so many, they won't get the volume due to their prices. McKinnons has started some larger stores but I am bot sure of their size since I haven't seen one. Wegmans would need a large space also. One note, if the Walmart ones tlae off and make money maybe others will enter into the small market business also. This was not meant to be for or against Walmart but for the size of the store of the store they are working to sell us. That is another whole argument. If another compnay is doing this I haven't seen it yet. It seems like when we have store started here not just Star but others as well that keep being bought and sold over the years they end up disappearing. It's too bad that we can't have people like in the old days that could start a small store and make a go of it and serve the neighborhood. We have the locations. Spending a lot of time in Wilmington, NC they have the same problem so I expect it is pretty similar around the country.
AHM January 14, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Forgot, I don't care if they stay but I really would like to see more of a variety of stores. Forgot to mention Roche Bros. also. Their Burlington store which is one of the newer ones is pretty small compared ot the others like in Needham.
Kelly H January 14, 2013 at 10:20 PM
Wegmans or trader joes would be fantastic!


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