Dining Around the World: All the Continents Here in Somerville

If you can't visit every continent on earth, at least you can eat your way across them, right here in Somerville.

Somerville has nearly as many restaurants as there are countries in the world. Oh, how wonderful it would be to visit every country in the world, save a few. Likewise with Somerville restaurants: If only we could eat at all of them, save a few.

To make your globetrotting culinary experience simpler, we've broken things down by continent. Here, we offer a few places to eat, with food from each of the world's seven continents.

One caveat: We have a stand-in restaurant for both Antarctica and Australia, but we think you'll be pleased.

South America

In America, as in Brazil, churrascarias can be big, fancy and expensive. And rightly so. The grilled meats, side dishes and drinks are fantastic. Luckily, here in Somerville, with its large Brazilian population, you can try something a little more relaxed. Churrasco Buffet & Grill is a small place with seven tables and authentic food, lovingly prepared.

Let's include Central America. This Salvadoran haunt has fried plantains, yuca frita and pupusas, corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans and other ingredients. Once again, authenticity is what's key about this out-of-the-way place on Mystic Avenue.

Yak & Yeti
If you're taking an imaginary culinary trip to Asia, you might as well visit somewhere unique. Yak & Yeti serves Nepali and Indian cuisine. The Indian is good, but don't mess around when you come here: Order off the Nepali menu. The Aloo Bodi Tama, with bamboo shoots, is one of many Nepali dishes you'll be glad to try. There are tons on this menu. And don't forget about the mo-mos.

With small dishes on offer, this is your chance to be a little more adventurous with your Thai, which has one of the world's best cuisines. What's more, this places captures the hip vibe of modern Thailand. With a selection of craft beers and an eye for good wine and cocktails, this isn't your father's Thai restaurant.


With a wide array of lamb, beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes, this Ethiopian restaurant in East Somerville is a must-do stop on your globetrotting culinary tour of Somerville. It's a no-frills place, and people come for the food, not the atmosphere. The spices are imported and the drinks, including Ethiopian wine, are authentic.


Somerville is chock-full of restaurants offering cuisine that originally comes from Europe. There's Italian, Portuguese, Greek, you name it. Many of them, oddly, offer the same things: pizza, subs, fries, soda.

If you want to experience a more authentic and contemporary European atmosphere, head to Posto. Yes, Posto serves pizza, but it's closer to the kind you'll find in Rome than the kind you'll find at the local haunt around the corner. There's a wall of wine, a modern atmosphere and a carefully selected menu. You'll know you're in American, though, because Posto does one thing right that Europeans consistently do wrong, if ever at all: Cocktails.

North America
To give your taste buds a pampering, check out Bergamot, which offers "progressive American cuisine." The specials change regularly based on the availability of local ingredients. The cocktails are top-notch, and the wine list is long.


What? That's not Australian.

Yes, we have a stand-in here. Places like Melbourne and Sydney are culinary meccas. With fresh ingredients and a food culture that fuses European, Asian and Polynesian cooking traditions, Australia is a place one goes to eat new things and eat well. And let's not forget the wine. 
As there's nowhere in Somerville with both a kangaroo over its door and a neon Fosters light in the window, we're sticking with the spirit of Australian cuisine.

Gargoyles on the Square fits the bill. It's innovative; it draws from culinary traditions from around the world; it has great drinks and wine, and it's relaxed. All of these things are very Australian.


We have another stand-in here. Why Foundry on Elm? It has a raw bar, and if you live in Antarctica full time, you're probably a killer whale and you probably eat raw fish. If you're a human being stationed on Antarctica, you probably have a stash of good drink, and Foundry on Elm has that, too.


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