Update: Did 'Boston Magazine' Snub Somerville? No, It Didn't (Oops)

The magazine's "Best of Boston 2012" issue is a little light on Somerville stuff.

Update, Aug. 16.: It turns out Boston Magazine is still into us after all!

As Elyse Andrews of Somerville Beat pointed out (see comments below), Somerville also won awards for three other things:

  • Best alternative to Spotify: Jukebox at
  • Best hipster invention:  (developed in Union Square's )
  • Best place to get schooled:

Some publicity folks with Boston Magazine also pointed out these oversights.

This brings the tally of Somerville winners to nine, which isn't too shabby, though still not as good as last year.

By way of explaination for how we missed these three things, they were written up in Boston Magazine using a different color background and font. You can't expect us to read things in different colors, can you? Please.

Also, it's just that things have been tough at work, and we're, like, really tired, and it just seems like you've been distancing yourself from us over the past couple of weeks and, whatever, we're sorry for being so defensive and emotional about this, Boston Magazine. It's just that we really like you and we wouldn't want you to do anything to hurt us. Ever.

Original article:

Hey, baby, is it something we said?

Boston Magazine, which spent much of the past year lovin' on Somerville a little, may be cooling things off. Perhaps the magazine just needs some space to think.

On the cover of its August "Best of Boston 2012" issue, Boston Magazine trumpets the 291 winners of this year's "best of" awards.

How many winners are from Somerville?

Six—almost half the number of winners as last year.

Here's who got awards from the glossy magazine:

  • Best bartender: Sam Treadway from
  • Best wine program:
  • Best vintage clothing:
  • Best bowling:
  • Best neighborhood eats in Davis Square:
  • Best neighborhood eats in Union Square:

With congratulations to the winners, perhaps Boston Magazine thought things were moving a little to fast with Somerville.

In March the magazine named Somerville . In April it called Somerville's restaurant scene "" And in June it said Somerville had . Last year, Somerville walked away with .

Whatever. Maybe Somerville needs some time to itself, anyway.

Speaking of which, this is your last week to vote in the . You chose the nominees, you live in the city, and you decide who wins (unlike Boston Magazine, which selects winners without reader input or consideration for the feelings of a certain municipality that thought things were moving in a nice direction but now has trust issues.)

Paul Lowenstein August 14, 2012 at 11:16 AM
Not saying they don't deserve it, but "Best neighborhood eats in Davis Square and Union Square" sort of don't count since those sections are in Somerville so obviously they are not competing with any place outside Somerville.
kevin thomas crowley August 14, 2012 at 01:18 PM
i have not read the article, but if it is saying the best bowling is in that restaurant on day street, the author don't know bowling. the alley i bowled on was so tilted to the left you'd think it was built for michael moore.
Elyse Andrews August 14, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Somerville also won in a few other categories, like Best Hipster Invention and Best Alternative to Spotify: http://www.somervillebeat.com/features/1527/best-of-somerville-via-boston-magazine/ But agreed that we have lots more great businesses that deserve to be recognized, especially in the smaller squares!
Joe Lynch August 14, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Elyse - I totally agree with you that our smaller business districts, Magoun, Teele, Ball, East Broadway, Somerville Ave, Beacon St. etc. all have terrific small businesses and are just waiting for those who have not discovered life outside of Davis and Union to come and see for themselves. Here's a problem though for any pollster these days. The internet, being one of the go to places for anyone with a private agenda(maybe free eats and drinks everytime they mention their favorite place on their blog) and trying to promote their favorite bar, personality or what have you, is used by folks like Boston Magazine as a starting point. If the blogger has enough free or company time on their hands, they rally their social contacts to vote for a certain place. That public vote gives Boston Mag a cue. "Why not go there to start?" They do, they're disappointed, so , due to time constraints, they bypass a lot of other good businesses that rightfully should get mentioned. And I do love Bergamot and Backbar.........can't always afford it, but love it. Unfortunately, those others just don't have the social network strength to get their messages out.


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