Cheapest Single-Family Homes Available in Somerville Right Now

If you just don't want to share with your neighbors, these are your least expensive options in Somerville at the moment.

According to the city's "Trends in Somerville: Housing Technical Report," written in 2009, only 12 percent of houses in Somerville are single-family homes. (That number may have changed a little in the last three years).

Those looking for a single-family home in Somerville don't have a ton of choice, especially with budget constraints.

Here are the least expensive single-family homes on the market in Somerville right now, according to NewEnglandMoves.com.

With prices ranging up to nearly $485,000, some may question the meaning of "least expensive."

15 Hanson St.

Price: $385,000
Attributes: Two bedrooms, one bathroom, 902 square feet. This cottage in Duck Village is small but relatively updated.

10 Spring St.

Price: $419,000
Attributes: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1100 square feet, just off Somerville Avenue between Union and Porter squares.

24 Marshall St.

Price: $459,000
Attributes: Three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, 1677 square feet. This is an "end-unit," according to the listing. It's in Winter Hill.

36 Tower St.

Price: $474,900
Attributes: Five bedrooms, one full and two half baths, 1857 square feet. In Spring Hill.

15 Jackson Rd.

Price: $484,900
Attributes: Six bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 2355 square feet. In Winter Hill.


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