Amsterdam Falafelshop Now Open in Davis Square

It's been open for a few days. If you checked it out, let us know what you think.

Those who've walked down Elm Street in Davis Square in the past few days will have noticed that Amsterdam Falafelshop, a restaurant that originally started in Washington D.C., is now open.

The falafel shop serves—you guessed it—falafel and fries of the type one might find in Amsterdam. The basic menu starts out simple enough. You choose a falafel sandwhich or a falafel bowl (small or regular, white bread or wheat). The real choice comes with the toppings. There's a large buffet of different sauces, pickles and veggies. If you stuffed your falafel sandwich with even a third of the offerings it would bust at the seams.

Though it's only been open a few nights, on a trip to the new restaurant Wednesday night, there seemed to be a steady crowd.

Amsterdam Falafelshop is located in the storefront formerly occupied by .

If anyone's eaten there yet, let us know what you think.

JJ July 12, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Ate there last night and enjoyed it. The concept of self-serve toppings is great, but not the most intuitive. Definitely saw some line traffic bc people weren't sure what to do or what the sauces/toppings were--strangely enough, they weren't labeled. Or if they were, I have no idea where they were.


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