Woman Seeks to Photograph Somerville's Virgin Mary Statues—All of Them

The Bathtub Marys of Somerville blog, featured on Somerville Beat, has over 500 photos of religious statues in Somerville.

Thank you, Somerville Beat, for featuring a great story about Cathy Piantigini, a lifelong Somerville resident who's made it her mission to grab a photograph of "every single yard shrine" to the Virgin Mary she encounters in Somerville.

Piantigini, a Somerville Public Library employee, posts her photos at a Tumblr blog called Bathtub Marys of Somerville

According to the blog, Piantigini has documented over 500 statues so far, and she's still working on finding more.

Somerville Beat interviewed Piantigini, a runner who was injured in 2012 and was forced to go on walks instead of runs. Slowing down allowed her to notice all the Mary statues in a way she never did before.

The photographer told Somerville Beat she's walked down nearly every street in Somerville, sometimes sneaking into driveways to get a clear shot of a Virgin Mary statue with her iPhone.

The interview is worth a read, and by all means take a look at Bathtub Marys of Somerville. Its collection of Mary-statue photos paints an intimate and loving picture of Somerville and its neighborhoods.

Also, Somerville Beat says Piantigini will have a show at Sherman Cafe in Union Square at some point. Keep your eyes open for that.

Elyse Andrews February 14, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Thanks so much for sharing the story!


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