Watch ANOTHER Somerville Resident on Jeopardy Thursday

Margaret Swanson joins a list of Somerville residents who have competed on the trivia show.

Margaret Swanson, a Somerville resident, will compete on the popular trivia show Jeopardy Thursday night, according to the show.

Introducing herself in a short video on the game show's website, Swanson says, "Hey Somerville, I'm Margaret Swanson. Grab everyone from your triple decker and come watch me on Jeopardy."

She joins a growing list of Somerville residents who have competed on the show recently.

In October of 2011, Joon Pahk, a physics instructor at Harvard, on the show.

Then, in February, Emily Kelly, a university librarian, , but fell in the Final Jeopardy round of play.

You can see Swanson's video introduction on Jeopardy's website.

aaaa June 22, 2012 at 02:43 AM
Cyberial cigar uno for Margaret for winning her first game on the 6/21/2012 episode, even if it was caused by two inoptimal wagers by her opponents on a triple stumper FInal J!. Well done Margaret my dear(lights Margaret's portofino)


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