Somerville Produces Another Jeopardy Contestant

Emily Kelly, a university librarian, was in good position to win, but stumbled in the Final Jeopardy round.

Emily Kelly, who described herself as "yet another Harvard big head appearing on Jeopardy," was on the Jan. 27 episode of the show and nearly pulled off a win.

Kelly, a university librarian from Somerville, according to J! Archive (a Jeopardy fan website), had a one-dollar lead going into Final Jeopardy, but had to engage in some aggressive wagering in an effort to fend off the previous day's champion, Brendan Graham, from San Antonio, Texas.

Unfortunately, she missed the last question and Graham walked away with a second win, the website notes.

Still, with her appearance on the show, Kelly has added to Somerville's reputation as a Jeopardy town.

In October, Somerville resident of the show, winning $201,000 in all.

Meanwhile, the in WGBH's High School Quiz Show.


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