Aliens at Roswell? No, Aliens at Rosebud

Extra-terrestial rock band Planetoid landed at Rosebud Bar & Lounge recently and reader Andrew Scannell reports on what he close-encountered while there.

Planetoid, an extra-terrestrial rock band, crash landed last week at The Rosebud Bar and Lounge in Davis Square to celebrate the release of their new EP, The Abraxas Tactics- Phase 1: The Kiss of the Magnetar.

So who are these strange, brightly colored visitors? And why have they decided to unleash their “face-melting” sound on the unsuspecting residents of Somerville and Earth? Luckily, these answers are not locked up in a secret underground Army bunker.

Marooned on Earth

Planetoid is a trio composed of three distinct forms of life: Locrius, the bright-blue colored lead singer and bassist, is a dread-goblin assassin and master of the bass-time continuum. General Ovatus Talieah, whose green skin results from his plant-based genetic structure, plays guitar at warp speeds. And Admiral Time, a cybernetic organism who pummels the drums with mechanical fury, rounds out the group.

According to their website, they’ve been “cast backward in time from the year 3032.” Stuck here on our antiquated earth, they are trying to make the best of their situation, taking on the “guise of the most highly respected and influential force this world has ever known: that of a rock & roll band.”

Lift Off

After some minor technical difficulties at the CD release party on Saturday Feb. 19, Planetoid finally had lift-off. Soon, the listeners in the backroom of the Rosebud Diner fell into orbit around these galactic rockers (not to mention Planetoid’s sultry warrior-dancers, Lux and Harveena).

Kicking off the show with several songs from their first CD, Shadow of the Planetoid, The Rosebud was transformed into a cosmic roadhouse. “Electro Chemical Overload” showcased the band’s otherworldly combination of heavy rock with funky Meters-inspired base lines. The hypnotic refrains of “Chain reaction” and “End Transmission” pulled the crowd in like a tractor-beam from the Death Star.

Light Speed

Watching Locrius effortlessly unleash intricate bass-lines while simultaneously belting out his celestial sermons, I was forced to wonder, “does he have extra fingers in addition to blue skin?”

On guitar, General Ovatus Talieah possesses a restraint many human guitar players lack, sticking to the infectious grooves, save for the occasional sonic supernova.

Admiral Time pulsed the music forward on drums with robotic precision. As Planetoid introduced the first song, “Step Away from the Controls” off their new EP, it was easy do just what the title said to. Planetoid was in control.  

The Planetoid has landed

Voted by The Noise as the 2010 “#1 Band That Always Gives A Great Performance,” Planetoid is not just a gimmick. They are extremely talented musicians doing incredibly creative things. They won the 2010 “Battle for the Rally,” and headlined the 2010 MassCann Freedom Rally on Boston Common with ONYX.

They release their next EP, The Abraxas Tactics- Phase 2, on May 21 at the Middle East Upstairs. Opening for Planetoid was two of their favorite Earth bands, Bacchus King and Hotblack.







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