Poll: Okay To Leave Dog Poop in the Snow?

Based on observations around Somerville, it seems some dog owners think they don't need to pick up after their pets when there's snow on the ground. Is this a real philosophy?

Credit: Chris Orchard
Credit: Chris Orchard
There seems to be a philosophy among some dog owners in Somerville that when there's snow on the ground, you don't have to pick up after your dog.

After the recent snow storm, Somerville Patch observed several white mounds decorated with brown canine ornaments. Patch even observed one dog relieve himself in the middle of the street, and the pet's owner didn't even pretend to pick up the result.

It seems, based on a limited sampling of conversations and overheard comments, that some think it's okay to leave dog poop in the snow. The idea is that snow hides the offending matter, that it will be shoveled and plowed away, that when the snow melts it will also, somehow, melt away the dog's contribution to the local ecosystem.

Or perhaps people don't want to take off their gloves.

In any case, this question is asked in all seriousness, especially to dog owners. Is it okay to leave dog poop in the snow?

Take our poll and leave a comment below if you feel the need to elaborate.


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