More People Making a Difference in Somerville

A local activist and group that feeds the hungry make a difference in Somerville, according to Somerville Patch readers.

At the end of September we asked Somerville Patch readers to name people in Somerville who make a difference.

It's part of an initiative, called Count Us In, that Patch is running in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

As of Oct. 19, Patch readers named 10 people, plus an entire group of volunteers, who make a difference in Somerville, and by now there may be even more.

Here, we name two of of those people. Well, one of them is actually an entire group. Learn about the other nine Somervillians who make a difference here and here.

If you want to call out, congratulate, thank or name someone in Somerville who does good work in the community, you can do so here.

Here are the newest people who make a differnece, named by Somerville Patch readers, plus what readers had to say about them:

Barry Rafkind

Kevin Thomas Crowley commented: "Barry Rafkind: A true battler for truth, justice and the American way. Keeps a keen eye on local goverment for the rest of us."

Hearty Meals for All

Mary Norcross writes: I nominate Hearty Meals for All working out of the Baptist Church in Davis Square. This non-secular organization was organized four years ago to feed the hungry in this area. The meals are prepared on the second Tuesday of the month and served on the next day. It is a totally volunteer organization with community members (including members of the DU fraternity from Tufts) preparing and serving the food and eating with the clients. Food is donated by local businesses such as Dave's Pasta and When Pigs Fly. It is a terrific organization quietly going about feeding hungry people. 


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