Four People Who Make a Difference in Somerville

We asked readers to name people doing good things in the Somerville community, and here are some early responses.

About a week ago we asked Somerville Patch readers to name people in Somerville who make a difference.

It's part of an initiative, called Count Us In, that Patch is running in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

As of Oct. 1, readers named four people who make a difference in Somerville, and by now there may be even more.

If you want to call out, congratulate, thank or name someone in Somerville who does good work in the community, you can do so here.

Here are the first four people named by Somerville Patch readers, plus what people had to say about them:

Marcus Santos

Lesley Bannatyne wrote: "Marcus Santos, Somerville resident, who also teaches in the music program at Somerville High (percussion), has created 'Grooversity,' a way of teaching and bringing people from all ethnicities together through drumming. Santos regularly inspires teens (and adults) with this work and enormous generosity.

Lisa Gimbel

This what Lee Palmer had to say about Gimbel: "Lisa Gimbel, Somerville resident, heads up the ESL program at the Welcome Project based in the Mystic Public Housing Development in Winter Hill and works many extra hours each week to ensure that as many people who want to learn English can have that opportunity. Gimbel tirelessly recruits, trains and supports volunteer teachers for the classes and ensures a dynamic, comprehensive and relevant curriculum for her students always with a social justice bent. Her passion is an inspiration."

Lee Palmer

According to Sarah Kerrigan: "Lee Palmer is a long-time City resident who literally makes it her job to improve Somerville! As campaign manager for Denise Provost's successful re-election campaign and now working on the campaign for Question 4 (the Community Preservation Act), Lee gives her passion and energy towards causes she believes in. As the mother of a young son, she has also volunteered with the Somerville Family Network Parent Advisory Council, planning free fun events for families with young children in Somerville. Lee is a true believer in the value of community, and works hard every day to build one, right here in Somerville."

Sherri Goode

Lynn Perriello says: "Sherri Goode and Peggy Budge, both managers at Walnut Street Center's Employment Supports program make life meaningful for the individuals with developmental delays in Somerville/Cambridge /Arlington. They have a passion for their work. They are all about treating people with respect and dignity. They are creative about problem-solving and bring joy to the lives of the individuals they work with."

Mary Norcross October 08, 2012 at 05:30 PM
I recommend the women who run monthly program Healthy Meals for All at the Somerville Community Baptist Church at 31 College Ave. Rebecca GAllo and Yevette Taylor. On the second Thursday volunteers prep a meal that is served on Friday. The Somerville community volunteers work both days to prepare and serve a nourishing meal for anyone who wants to drop in. Food is donated by local Somerville businesses. Website: http://heartymealsforall.org


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