Five Things: Raising the Nave Porch Roof, 'Wizard of Oz,' Maple Tapping

Also, it's your last chance to register for Somerville Open Studios.

1) "Raising The Nave Porch Roof!"
Support the Nave Gallery by listening to PorchFest bands Cargo Cult, Litehouse, Dirty Water Brass Band and Dust Clouds of Mars. This fundraiser starts at 8 p.m. at P.A.'s Lounge.

2) "Wizard of Oz"
The Somerville High School performance of "Wizard of Oz" opens tonight at 7 p.m. There's a cast of over 30, and there are performances on Friday and Saturday, too. This year the show will be at Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. You can get tickets here: http://www.ticketstage.com/SHS.

3) Last Chance: Somerville Open Studios Registration
If you want to participate in Somerville Open Studios this year, today is your last day to register. Click the link above for more information.

4) Maple Tapping Day
Groundwork Somerville conducts its 10th annual sugar maple tapping today at Tufts University at 3 p.m. The sap will become maple syrup. More here.

5) Weather 
Today will be rainy and extremely windy, with highs around 58, but with temperatures dropping rapidly into the lower 40s by late afternoon.


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