Five Things: Blog on Somerville Patch

Also, wine, beer, tango and claiming business listings.

1) Blog on Somerville Patch
Somerville Patch bloggers have been writing engaging posts about things happening in and around the city. Some recent blogs have include an  about what to put in the former Circuit City site now that Wal-Mart has walked away, an on the Somerville Stock Exchange, and an  about jaywalking. And those are just a few of the recent posts. Bloggers on Somerville Patch write about a variety of subjects. Dan Sullivan writes about Somerville's connection to the Civil War, Kristen Mercier teaches people about living a healthy life in Somerville, and OPENAIR Circus posts about the group's circus programs for kids and families—the kind of thing that makes Somerville a unique and special place.

If you have something you want to write about or share with your Somerville neighbors, consider starting a blog. You can get started here, and if you have questions, feel free to email chris.orchard@patch.com

offers wine and beer tastings every Friday, often highlighting unique and intriguing producers. Check it out starting at 4:30 p.m.

3) Tango Festival
The dancing continues tonight with several classes and events at the in Union Square. Check our events calendar for listings.

If you're a Somerville business, a great way to hone your web presence is to claim your listing on Somerville Patch. Doing so is free and easy, and 

5) Weather and Red Sox
The Red Sox play the Braves, formerly of Boston, tonight at 7:10 p.m. There's a chance of thunderstorms today, and there will be a high of around 90.

6) Happy birthday
Somerville Patch wishes a happy 65th birthday today to someone very special. She knows who she is.


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