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CELL PHONE PHOTO: 14 Bikes, 1 Parking Spot

Share a Somerville story by sending a photo. Today, new bike corrals in Union and Davis squares.

If you walk by in Union Square and in Davis Square, you'll see something new on the street: a bike corral.

The corral takes up one parking spot, but it provides space for 14 bicycles.

According to the Somerville Bicycle Committee, a third bike corral is soon coming to Ball Square, too.

Bike corrals are popular in other cities, and according to the bicycle committee they help support local business by offering easy-to-find bike parking in bike-heavy areas, while keeping sidewalks more clear for pedestrians.

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JohnR October 06, 2011 at 01:25 AM
Why not install this rack in the corner of the Union Square plaza or anywhere else that cars can't park? I can think of dozens of places to put a bike rack off the street. It makes no sense to take away parking spaces in an area where parking is so difficult. This may work in other cities, but there aren't many cities that have parking problems like Somerville. And don't give me the rational that this will encourage people to ride bicycle rather than drive. Anyone who can ride a bicycle probably already does because parking is horrible. Anyone who can't and must drive is now just more inconvenienced. Bicycle riders are obviously physically fit people, I'm sure they can handle walking a block or two from where they park their bike. I don't work close to public transportation so I have no choice but to drive. I have to walk a block or two everyday to get to my car because I can't find parking near my home as it is. So instead of asking someone to walk an block once in a while when they go for a cup of coffee, you're making me walk a block or two every morning and every afternoon carrying my work supplies and a 20lb baby. Thanks.
Chris Orchard (Editor) October 06, 2011 at 02:15 PM
Any other car drivers peeved these bike corrals take up a parking space?
Tom Walsh October 06, 2011 at 03:21 PM
These bike corrals don't take up a parking space, they *ARE* parking spaces. 14 of them. There are now 13 more parking spaces in Union Square than there were a few weeks ago.


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