Bizarre: Lizard Found in Davis Square

The Animal Rescue League of Boston took in the Davis Square lizard, which was found in the street Saturday.

File under "you don't see that every day."

A relatively serious-looking lizard, possibly a bearded dragon, was found crossing the street in Davis Square Saturday.

Well, maybe he wasn't crossing the street, but he was in a crosswalk.

This is according to a Facebook post by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which took the lizard to its shelter for an evaluation.

The Animal Rescue League wrote: 

ODD SIGHTING!!! Look who we found in a crosswalk in the middle of Davis Square in Somerville!!! He's currently @ the shelter for eval.

Before the Animal Rescue League came to the, well, rescue, a member of Davis Square LiveJournal reported finding the lizard Saturday and keeping it in a cat carrier while seeking advice and assistance about what do to with it, according to the community bulletin site.

Celia August 13, 2012 at 04:55 PM
There are signs posted by the owner who is looking for this lizard! Did you locate the owner?


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