Faces of Assembly Row: Brian Spencer

Assembly Row
Assembly Row

The Faces of Assembly Row continues with Brian Spencer. 

Brian, our Development Manager with Development Management Group, has been with the Assembly Row team since 2010.  Brian’s role is to coordinate the complex planning, design, construction and tenant team’s interface for Assembly’s 50+ acres of infrastructure, buildings, tenants and open space. 

Specifically, Brian is the link between each project consultant, contractor and owner team. We’re not quite sure how he does it, but Brian knows who is working on what across the 320,000 square feet of retail tenant space, with 40+ tenants, 95,000 square feet of office space,  450 apartments and over 2,000 parking spaces.  

Brian knows what a late delivery or a bad engineering detail can do to a project schedule that is so dependent on everyone delivering each of their pieces of the puzzle on time.


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