AT&T is launching Digital Life in the Boston metro and Great Boston area including Somerville

Imagine leaving for work in the morning, and knowing that at 9 a.m., your home will turn off all the lights, turn down the thermostat, lock all the doors and shut off your stove, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer! How about receiving text or email notifications on water leaks, broken glass alerts in the case of a break-in, and start the coffee maker for that needed kick at the end of the day? Sound familiar?  Modern Family's Phil Dunphy may have been joking when he tried to create his own "House of the Future," but now homeowners in Boston and surrounding communities can actually experience their own "future" home with a new service called Digital Life, launching today from AT&T.    

Digital Life is here just in time for the summer travel season, and AT&T is launching the program in the Boston metro and Greater Boston areas.  By the end of 2013, AT&T plans to introduce the service in up to 50 markets.  It's perfect for residents who want to keep an eye on things while they vacation, or just have that extra peace of mind on a normal workday. 

The new program from AT&T offers a variety of security packages. Customers can still use their existing home broadband provider, and any wireless phone service. Digital Life achieved the “CSAA Five Diamond Certification,” testifying that 100 percent of Digital Life central station operators are certified by the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course, that cover communications with customers, law enforcement, fire and emergency service centers. 

To learn more about Digital Life check out their web site at att.com/digitallife, or call 855-288-2727.


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