Parents! LearnBop's Free Online Math Program Starts July 8!

Most students lose about two months of learning over the summer--by the time high school rolls around, these months have added up to years of lost learning.  

Summer reading programs have helped cut Summer Learning Loss drastically for English.  LearnBop's summer program aims to do the same thing for math!

The curriculum for our free six-week program has been designed by Presidential Award Winning teachers for students in grades six through nine, and is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  During the six- week program students receive three Playlists a week, full of math problems to complete  on their own time.  

LearnBop's automated tutoring system provides hints whenever a student runs into trouble, turning each struggle into a learning opportunity.  80% of students who use the automated system have been able to find their own answers to a problem they could not originally solve, without outside help.  

Click here to sign your child up for LearnBop's free summer program: http://go.learnbop.net/parent-sign-up-0?hsCtaTracking=a1ed471f-f123-4968-a23a-987e7c68afd9%7Ce6182ed...

Or click here to learn a little more about LearnBop: http://go.learnbop.net/parents


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